FAQ - What If Your PMP Exam Application is Audited?

What is an exam application audit?

You have submitted your exam application. PMI sends you an email message, informing you that your application is being audited.

what triggers an audit?

Two conditions can trigger an audit of your exam application:

  1. The person reviewing your exam application needs clarification about one or more of your entries.
  2. You exam is randomly selected for a complete audit.

There is no need to worry if your exam application is audited. As long as you have documentation for each of your work experience entries, as well as documentation of your 35 contact hours of training, you should be fine.

How do I respond to an audit?

When you entered your online exam application, you gathered information regarding your contact hours and your work experience. Because you have that documentation, you don't need to worry about an audit.

If you received an email request for clarification of one of your entries, reply by email with an attachment containing the requested information. 

If you received the "Your application has been randomly selected for audit" email, the auditing instructions will be very specific. Follow the instructions, submit the requested forms and verification letters, and mail your response to the address in your instructions.