FAQ - Which PMP Training Program Should I Choose?

There are hundreds of PMP training programs. Choosing the wrong one could lead to failing your PMP exam. How do you choose the right one? Here are some points to consider:

How is the course content delivered?

Here is the hierarchy of content delivery. 1 is the highest, most effective level.

  1. Live classroom training. The trainer is in the room with you.
  2. Live, remote training via video conference/webinar. The trainer is remote.
  3. Live, phone conference. You can hear the trainer, but you can't see them.
  4. Printed textbooks, workbooks and flash cards. You can see and read the trainer's prepared text.
  5. Pre-recorded video lessons. You can see and hear the trainer's prepared recordings.
  6. Pre-recorded audio lessons. You can hear the trainer's prepared recordings.

Your Best Option: Blended Learning System

The ultimate course includes the three best learning tools:

  • Online lessons, quizzes and practice PMP exam
  • Printed textbook, quick-reference guide, flash cards and student workbook
  • Live kick-off meeting and live classroom training

How comprehensive are the learning materials?

Most training companies merely try to copy the PMBOK. 

The best training companies weave PMBOK content with real-life examples and case studies.

How experienced is the trainer?

Is your trainer a newly-minted PMP, or have they been leading projects for several years?

Is your trainer an experienced businessperson? Do they understand how profit-seeking enterprises work?

Are they long on theory, or long on experience? 

Are they a volunteer, a part-time trainer or a full-time trainer?

Will one trainer take you through your PMP course, or will several volunteers each teach one portion of your course? 

is the trainer an effective teacher?

The skill sets for project managers and teachers are not identical. Most project managers are excellent at managing projects, but weak at teaching others. Does your trainer know how to capture the attention and imagination of you and your classmates?