FAQ - How Do You Manage Stress During the PMP Exam?

it can be scary

We are all human. We all have feelings. We all have self-doubt and fear. 

Sitting in the testing center, taking your PMP exam, can be stressful. 

Your challenge is to use your courage and your intelligence to rise above it all and pass your PMP exam on the first try.

You can do it! Here's how:

arrive prepared to win

  • You have gotten enough sleep the night before your PMP exam.
  • You have arrived at the testing center early, just in case traffic was a problem.
  • You have completed several 200-question practice exams. You scored above 80% on the last three exams.
  • Before you left your home, you looked yourself in the mirror and said, "I am going to pass my PMP exam today."

pace yourself during your exam

  • Relax during the untimed lesson on how to take your exam.
  • Start your exam (start your four-hour timer).
  • Spend ten minutes confidently writing your brain dump.
  • Begin answering questions.
  • If you find yourself spending a great deal of time on one question, skip it for now and come back later. 200 questions in 4 hours equals 1.2 minutes per question (average).
  • Take at least one short break during your four hours. Your timer will continue to run during your break. Use the rest room. Get a drink of water. At two hours, you should have answered approximately 100 questions.
  • Answer all 200 questions. You get one point for each correct answer. You do not lose points for incorrect answers, so answer them all. Maybe you'll get lucky.

Get ready to celebrate

You have studied. You have practiced. You left stress in your locker. 

At the end of your exam, you confirmed that you are done.

Your screen will go blank for a few seconds. It will seem like 30 minutes.

Then, you'll see your results. This is a Pass/Fail exam. Your screen will say, "Congratulations."

Send an email to your fellow classmates and your instructor. Your email will have three points:

  1. The police have been called, because...
  2. I am jumping up and down in the testing center, screaming, because...
  3. I am now a PMP!!!!!

Then, leave the testing center before the police arrive, and celebrate your success!