How to Pass Your PMP® or CAPM® Exam the First Time 

Why your PMP Matters

Eighty percent of project management jobs worldwide require PMP certification. Your PMP credential will open the door to new career opportunities, along with increased responsibility and income. The sooner you become a PMP, the richer your career.

Ensure Your PMP Exam Success

The PMP exam is difficult. To pass it on your first attempt, you need the right training. These three steps will give you an edge as you walk into the testing center: 

First, Choose the Right PMP Trainer: MIKE GOSS, PMP®, DTM®

Mike was an excellent teacher. I would recommend to anyone taking this class to seek out Mike Goss to be their instructor.

You need an effective PMP trainer, not just a PMP practioner. My background has prepared me to give you an entertaining and educational experience, four days in a row. 

  • College instructor (sales, marketing, management)
  • PMP Boot Camp trainer  
  • Authorized trainer for Velociteach PMP® training materials 
  • Mobile course developer
  • Motivational speaker
  • Certified coach
  • Small business owner
  • Senior vice president, sales manager of a financial institution
  • Author: "Breaking Through Walls," a business novel about overcoming life's obstacles

Next, Choose the Right PMP Training Materials: VELOCITEACH PMP EXAM PREP KIT

You need the most current training materials, presented effectively. That includes the new "soft skills" such as listening, coaching and leadership skills that are included in PMP exams after January 11, 2016. Velociteach materials are continually updated, to make sure your training content is always the most up-to-date.

We’re proud to be working with you, Mike!
— Andy Crowe, via Linkedin

You'll learn as we use Andy Crowe's world-renowned Velociteach® training materials together:

  • World-renowned textbook 
  • Laminated quick-reference guide
  • 250 Flash Cards 
  • 6 Audio CDs 
  • Printed, bound copy of all the slides presented during my four-day boot camp  
  • 35 hours of online training, with practice questions 
  • Online PMP® Exam Simulator; your results are displayed by Process Group, to help you focus your studying

Velociteach materials don't merely copy the PMI Project Management Body of Knowledge. I chose Velociteach materials for you because they focus specifically on what you need to know to pass your PMP exam. 

Bonus in "PMP for You" Boot Camps: The PMI PMBOK

The foundation of all PMP training programs is the PMI Project Management Body of Knowledge. It contains the "best practices" of the project management profession. It isn't included with the Velociteach training materials. I include it in my four-day PMP boot camps as a supplementary learning tool for you. If we ever need to go "back to the source," we open our PMBOKs.

Then, Attend MY Live PMP Boot Camp

Photo by Wavebreakmedia Ltd/Wavebreak Media / Getty Images
Photo by Wavebreakmedia Ltd/Wavebreak Media / Getty Images

It all comes together for  you in my live, "PMP for You" four-day PMP boot camp:

  • Educational and entertaining classroom training
  • The latest multi-media learning materials
  • Better exam preparation through class discussions, Q&A and homework assignments
  • You will learn from the richest combination of live training, the Velociteach learning materials and the PMBOK. 
  • You will learn through stories, Q&A, case studies, class conversations and homework assignments.
  • You will be motivated to deliver your best work as you participate in our class. No one has ever called a Mike Goss presentation boring.
  • It's not about the learning materials. It's not about your trainer. It's about you and your future.

Is This the Right Course for Both the PMP exam and the CAPM exam?

Yes. The CAPM (Certified Associate in Project Management) certifies your project management knowledge, while you gain experience. To employers, your CAPM proves your desire to rise in the project management profession. 

The PMP (Project Management Professional) is desired by experienced project managers who seek the career opportunities open only to those with the PMP credential. The PMP exam is more comprehensive than the CAPM exam. Worldwide, 80% of project manager job descriptions state "PMP required."

My "PMP for You" boot camp will help you prepare to pass either exam.

Mike is an excellent instructor who cares about his students. His instruction prepared me well for this exam.