To Pass Your PMP® Exam, You Need More Than This

 The PMBOK and a box of Voodoo Doughnuts are not enough.

The PMBOK and a box of Voodoo Doughnuts are not enough.

I've heard of people saying, "All I need is the PMI Project Management Book of Knowledge, a box of doughnuts and some coffee, and I'll be fine." For some people, it might actually work. However, most people need a better approach.

This morning, I brought all of the survey results and student comments into one place. the comments of my students have a common theme. Can you see it?

Mike introduces you to the story telling format of teaching that includes real world examples that makes absorption of the relevant material easier. Mike also does a good job with giving historical lessons on how application of fundamental processes apply to real world situations and then asks you to do the same with your own personal context. This gives many people that ah hah moment that helps tie the course material to relevant day to day activities at their current jobs. This type of interactive learning also allows you to put testing questions into real world situations and makes answering questions easier when you sit for the certification test.

Or this one:

What his class offered was real life experiences, tricks to remember terms and equations, and a good understanding of the processes.

A Common Theme about Passing the PMP® Exam

Throughout all of the student comments, a common theme emerges: my stories and our class conversations lead to a better understanding of the PMP® course material, the PMBOK contents, and test-taking techniques. That's something you won't find in the PMBOK, or in the box of doughnuts.

When it's time to prepare for your PMP® exam, one of my four-day bootcamps will give you what you need to pass the exam. And I'll even see if I can obtain some really good doughnuts.