How to Respond to a PMP Exam Application Audit

Types of Audits

You submitted your PMP exam application. A couple of days later, you received an email message from PMI. It started one of these ways:

  • "Your exam application has been approved." This is the one most people receive.
  • "We need further clarification on one of your entries." This can usually be resolved quickly from your experience.
  • "You have been randomly selected for a complete audit of your application." This one takes more effort, paperwork and time. 

Reasons for Audits

There are two reasons why your audit occurs:

  1. The reviewer needs a clarification on one of your entries. The rest of your application is OK.
  2. You are, indeed, randomly selected for a full audit. It happens.

How to Respond

It's all in the details. Use your supporting records to answer the questions raised in the audit. Submit your response quickly and completely. 

The Outcome: Success!

When your response satisfies the reviewer, you will receive an email notifying you that your exam application is approved.