Why It's Better for Your Project Management Career to Join PMI®

Bill decided to take his PMP exam without joining PMI or his local PMI chapter. He praised himself for his wisdom in saving the cost of the annual dues. He even passed his exam. 

Since he didn't join PMI, he didn't take advantage of the discounted educational tools and publications available to members. That also meant he couldn't join his local chapter, or attend their monthly meetings.

Bill gained no new insights about the project management profession, but he saved $164 in first-year dues.

Mary joined PMI and her local PMI chapter during her PMP exam application process. She spent $139 on her first-year PMI membership and application fee. She spent a whopping $25 for a year's dues at her local PMI chapter. She downloaded many helpful PMI publications, at a discount. She learned much from her local chapter's monthly meetings.

Today, Bill works for Mary.

It's better for your project management career to join PMI.