PMBOK SCMIMBOK - What's All the Fuss?

What the PMBOK Is

Best Practices: The Project Management Body of Knowledge, published by the Project Management Institute, is the accumulated best practices of the project management profession. Its content evolves through feedback from project managers...and their sponsors and customers...from all over the world.

PMP Exam Content: The content of the PMBOK is the source of most (but not all) of the questions on the PMP exam and the CAPM exam. 

What the PMBOK Is Not

The introduction to the PMBOK states that it is not the carved-into-stone rulebook for how to manage projects. Project managers are expected to apply the best practices of the PMBOK to their own projects.

Why It Matters: International Standards

When everyone understands the same terms and definitions, formulas and processes, then all of our projects will perform better. Since 50 percent of projects around the world fail to meet the original objectives of their project charters, the PMBOK offers a way to improve project performance on all levels.

How to Use It in Your Project Management Career

When you follow the best practices of the PMBOK, your projects will perform better. That will open doors of opportunity for greater responsibility and income. 

Because your projects will tend to perform better, your customers will receive higher-quality deliverables, on time and within budget.

Everyone wins!